Purchasing a Hardwood Athletic Floor – Maple Grade

When considering purchasing a hardwood athletic floor, you must also consider the flooring grade. The grade of maple is purely aesthetic, and has no effect on play-ability. All manufacturers will confirm the quality of flooring will be the same whether you select First, Second & Better, or Third Grade maple.

What are the differences between the grades of maple flooring?

1. First Grade maple is the lightest in color with a clean, consistent look
2. Second & Better Grade maple is a bit darker with a few more imperfections (such as knots or mineral stains)
3. Third Grade is the darkest color of maple and has the most imperfections

UntitledWhen considering purchasing a hardwood athletic floor, the grade of maple is very important. The most common choice is Second & Better Grade maple, and it is used in about 70% of hardwood gym floors.

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