Purchasing a Hardwood Athletic Floor – Maintenance

When considering purchasing a hardwood athletic floor, the amount of maintenance needed for the floor will be a large factor to consider. In order to keep a new hardwood athletic floor in top shape, it must be maintained. This will help protect the investment in the floor. When your floor is installed, make sure to ask the manufacturer or installer the best ways to maintain your floor or for a cleaning demonstration. Many will do this free of charge.

First, it’s highly recommended to place mats or rugs by the entrances to the gym where the athletic floor is housed. This will help catch a lot of the dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles when students, faculty, or community members enter. It may seem like a small step, but it’s an important one.

Daily dust moping is also highly recommended, as doing so won’t allow dust to settle onto the floor. Regular cleanings with an approved solution are also recommended, though it may be best to simply use water depending on your floor system, finish, and environment.


On a yearly basis, the floor should be screened and re-coated if necessary. Additionally, approximately every seven to ten years (depending on the usage of the floor) the floor should be sanded down, resealed, repainted, and refinished. This will help to further protect your investment in the floor and prolong the life of your floor.

While there are things you should do to maintain your new hardwood athletic floor, there are some things you shouldn’t do as well. You shouldn’t use excessive water to clean your floor, and beware of mops or rags that leave behind too much water. The excess water (though it may not seem like much) can seep through the finish in any cracks and settle into the sub-floor, which will increase the moisture level of the overall system, potentially causing water damage. Also make sure not to use any brooms or scrubbers which will scratch or damage the existing finish.

When considering purchasing a hardwood athletic floor, maintenance is something that should be deeply considered. For more information, download Horner’s FREE eBook, Maintaining Your Horner Athletic Hardwood Floor.

Looking for more information on what to consider when purchasing a new hardwood athletic floor? Download Horner Flooring’s FREE eBook, 10 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Hardwood Athletic Floor!

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