Purchasing a Hardwood Athletic Floor – Installation

When considering purchasing a hardwood athletic floor, it’s important to consider who will install the new floor. You want someone who is trustworthy and reliable and is experienced with the flooring system.

The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) has a list of accredited installers on their webpage. Each of these installers and flooring manufacturers are evaluated every two years. These evaluation tests ensure that the installation recommendations are being followed.

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Maintenance Tip: When your floor is installed, make sure to ask the manufacturer or installer the best ways to maintain your floor or for a cleaning demonstration. Many will do this free of charge.

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Purchasing a Hardwood Athletic Floor – Environment

When considering purchasing a hardwood athletic floor, it’s important to consider the environment the floor will be in. How much moisture will the floor encounter? Will your gym be temperature controlled or with the outside weather heavily affect the gym environment?

Depending on your geographic location and air temperature control, there could be substantial swings in humidity. The way your floor is installed depends on humidity levels, as hardwood athletic floors are installed to accommodate these humidity changes as the maple hardwood expands and contracts.

Building architects are expected to provide MFMA-approved conditions for wood floors by looking at existing conditions and the possibility of future moisture problems. This is so you don’t see your floors doing this:

Repair Rosemount-filtered

Gym Floor

When purchasing a hardwood athletic floor to match your facility needs, it’s important to keep the environment in mind. Many things can influence the selection of flooring, we’re here to help you think of all the little things.

Looking for more information? Download Horner Flooring’s FREE eBook – 10 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Hardwood Athletic Floor!

The Best Value and Wear Depth in Athletic Maple Flooring

Get the best wear depth with Horner’s Long Life™ Flooring!

Longer Wear Life. Ecologically Sound.


Comparison Chart

Horner Flooring Company has long been an ecological leader within the sports flooring industry. It was one of the first manufacturing mills to advocate the benefits of 25/32″ flooring over the previously-used industry popular of 33/32″ flooring. Now it’s the first to offer an extended wear life 25/32″ product with the introduction of its Long Life™ Flooring product.

Long Life

Specify Long Life



Benefits of Long Life:

  • Extended Wear Life
  • Ecologically Responsible
  • Increased Availability
  • Cost Savings
  • Ease of Application


Horner’s Long Life™ Flooring offers the ecological, cost savings and availability benefits of standard 25/32″ product but with the extended wear life of 33/32″ flooring. Long Life™ Flooring can be used over any Horner system utilizing at least one single layer of 15/32″ plywood or 7/16″ OSB or other manufacturer approved subfloor.

Double the wear life of the 25/32″, without the cost of 33/32″!

Horner’s Long Life™ Flooring is more ecologically sound as it minimizes wood waste when a floor has reached maximum wear depth. This is accomplished by shifting the tongue and groove assembly down, resulting in a higher proportion of flooring thickness being dedicated to wear depth. Less lumber is consumed for 25/32″ product, regardless of wear depth, than is consumed for 33/32″ product.

Horner’s Long Life™ product is an excellent candidate to be submitted for a LEED© Innovation & Design Process Credit!

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