NBA trades spark new dynamic duos

The NBA free-agency period has been full of surprises, and the results have fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming seasons. Many of the top players in the NBA have signed with different teams, making the power rankings unlike previous years. Teams like the Clippers, Lakers, and Rockets are expected to be some the top contenders in the league due to recent additions. Some of the best players in the NBA have joined forces to pursue a championship title, so which dynamic duo is most capable?

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to Clippers

Kawhi and George to Clippers (3).jpg

The Clippers had an unforeseen successful 2018-19 season, where they made the playoffs and even won a couple of games against the Warriors in the first round. In what seemed like the longest, most anticipated decision, Kawhi Leonard announced that he will be joining the Clippers, and former Oklahoma City Thunder star, Paul George, will accompany him. The addition of Kawhi Leonard, the Finals MVP who averaged 26.6 PPG, and Paul George, a talented small forward/shooting guard who averaged 28 PPG last season, is just what the Clippers need. Not only can Leonard and George produce offensively, but they have proved themselves to being some of the best defensive players in the league. The two superstars are returning to their hometown in hopes of bringing a championship to their city, but do they have enough to knock off the team next door?

Anthony Davis joins Lebron James in L.A.

lebron and davis to lakers.png

During Lebron’s first year with the L.A. Lakers, they failed to make the playoffs and finished in the bottom half of the Western Conference. However, with the addition of Anthony Davis for the 2019-20 season, it may be just what Lebron needs to find success in L.A. Through Davis’s 7 years spent in New Orleans, he received 3 NBA First-Team selections along with various All-Defensive team honors. If James and Davis learn how to play with each other while continuing to perform at the highest level, they have the capability to work their way to the top of the conference. These two number 1 draft picks are coming together to win a championship, and they have guys like DeMarcus Cousins and Kyle Kuzma to help.

Westbrook joins Harden in Houston

westbrook to rockets

After Paul George left Oklahoma City for the Clippers, there was talk about Russell Westbrook leaving as well. As of July 11, the Oklahoma City Thunder traded Westbrook to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Chris Paul and a few first round picks. Now, Westbrook is reunited with James Harden. The last time these two stars played together was during the years of 2009-2012, where they appeared in the NBA Finals during their last year alongside Kevin Durant. During the 2018-19 season, Russell Westbrook averaged a triple-double in points, rebounds, and assists. In addition, James Harden is one of the best scorers in the league, where he averaged 36.1 PPG last season. Will these two superstars be able to coexist next season?

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to Nets

Durant and Kyrie to Nets.jpg

Kevin Durant announced his departure from arguably one of the best teams the NBA has ever seen, leaving Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green for the Brooklyn Nets. During his time with the Warriors, Durant secured 2 NBA championships and 2 NBA Finals MVP awards in just three years. However, his unfortunate Achilles injury during the 2019 NBA Playoffs will restrict him from playing in the upcoming season with point guard Kyrie Irving. Durant may be leaving the 2 time MVP point guard, Steph Curry, but this new point guard/forward duo seems unstoppable. Unfortunately, we will have to wait another year to watch it unfold. Until then, the Nets are still capable of finding success this year with the additions of Irving and DeAndre Jordan.


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